Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elephant Revival Live from the Top Hat

              Elephant Revival a Folk based band with five members, Bonnie Paine, Bridgett Law, Dango Rose, Daniel Rodriguez, and Sage Cook from Nederland, CO came to Missoula, MT March 30th to play at the Top Hat. Now if you walked by that night looked in or saw somewhere that they were playing and thought to yourself, no thank you, well it should have been more like a yes please. Many locals, friends of the band, and a couple dogs did say yes please and came to watch a band that if played in Middle Earth would make Mordor and Sauron stop in their tracks, listen, enjoy, dance, no longer want to take over the world, and maybe even have a beer with a hobbit.
 And why are they so great you ask? Let us start with the beautiful women of the band Bonnie Paine and Bridgett Law. Bonnie has distinguish vocals that only can remind you of great female rock vocalist such as Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, and  Sarah Maclaclan, as well as being a folk queen on the washboard and bongo.Her female partner  Bridgett Law has amazing way to keep her gorgeous smile and play her heart out on the fiddle, jamming slow or upbeat she will make you dance or close your eyes and think of a better place, all the while listening to over boozed males yell their names and phone numbers to her. The combination of these two women alone should make anyone want to see them live.
                Well if the women are the fire, then the men of the band are the ice. The smooth cats Sage Cook, Dango Rose, and Daniel Rodriguez make up the rest of the band. Don’t kid yourself for these three gentlemen of the band have everything the women of the band have. Good looks, energy, and they can all bring it vocally. When watching Sage Cook and Daniel Rodriguez the only way you can distinguish the two is by their height, Sage being the shorter of the two. Both men seemed to be playing musical chairs with the instruments the play, as well as both singing with vocals that I am sure melted the girl’s hearts. It is amazing to see this two at work changing instruments throughout the whole concert, and being equally talented musicians at them all. Well mister Dango Rose is the last member of the band, and don’t kid yourself thinking playing bass is easy. Dango plays a stand up bass throughout the show. He keeps the beat going throughout every song, and in my opinion has conquered to a perfection making the stand up bass get louder, louder, and louder when it is time to get the crowd stomping, hooting, and dancing. His fingers dance to a rhythm like no other on the bass.
                Elephant Revival is a unique one of a kind band. Don’t let a soul tell you they aren’t. They jam like no other bringing a mixture of rock n roll, classical, blues, and folk to the stage.  They are no genre in music, they are Elephant Revival. They are their own sound that has seemed to be taking over Missoula size cities and festivals across the west. With the heart, soul, energy, and stage presence they put into their music they are a must see live act for any fan of music. I promise you they will make you dance, hoot, reflect, and be in awe.
                Thank you for playing the Top Hat. Missoula as you could tell was beyond words and out of screams for you. This town loves you and can’t wait to see you all again. Well Played Elephant Revival, well played!!!!!!!

Moment of Concert: Ring around the Moon, Whole Encore, to be honest who am I kidding the whole show was 
Must Downloads: Go On, Ring around the Moon, Point of you.
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